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My name is Ben and I am a graphic design student in Australia. I am doing this blog as an assignment for one of my classes as an experiment in writing html, making tables, etc. Things I like are most types of music, especially stuff with abit of edge to it, hanging out with my friends and fellow graphos and heaps of different types of food. I hope you like my blog!

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Wednesday, March 31, 2004


So much to do, so little time!!!

So I was talking to my teacher thismorning and apparently the colour scheme on here makes him want to be sick so I'm going to change it all. Not that I don't agree with him!!! I think it's abit dodgy and I've been seeing some really cool sites lately with this whole minimalist thing going down so I'm going to try to adopt that for my blog so watch this space cuz there's changes coming soon. I should be doing more linking too so I'm going to make an effort to do that.

I learnt a cool new art term off the Simpson's of all places lastnight. It was 'po-mo' which is short for Post Modernism. It was described by Moe as 'being weird for the sake of weird' which I thought was kinda cool.

For all the graphos having problems with HTML there's an easy straight forward site here with heaps of tags. Whoever the person who made this is a lifesaver!

Well got to go do work. Hopefully next time I see you the dodgy colours will be gone.

Monday, March 29, 2004


All Good

Well this is only going to be a quick blog cuz I need to get heaps of work done before Sex and the City. I havn't really been up to alot. Just heaps of work and trying to get my life sorted. I had to go grocery shopping today unfortunately but that's not very interesting.

I've been trying to line up some work experience and a hint to all my fellow graphos out there, NEVER wait for a company get back to you cuz they don't even if they say they will. They've got a million better things to do and uni students flooding them wanting work experience so you just have to keep on their back until they finally say yes!

Hate the logies like everyone else? Vote for the annual 2004 fugly awards!

Saturday, March 27, 2004


Run like a 'Scalded Cat?'

Woo hoo, end of daylight savings. Extra sleep for me tonight!!!

I heard a funny old saying today. I was to "run like a scalded cat" My dad used it over lunch. I wasn't completely sure what it meant so I asked him. "Why, haven't you ever seen someone pour hot water on a cat?" He said. "God, no!" I replied. "Are they the kind of things people did to amuse themselves back before t.v?" I hope not. I typed the phrase into google and there are 47 sites that use that quote. We have a cat that hangs around home and the thought has never crossed my mind to pour hot water on him to make him run, though now I'm sort of tempted to test out the similie, nah, just kidding, though I do wonder about the origins of some of those funny old sayings. My Dad and my Nan come out with some classics at times. I'll keep you posted one any other ones that pop out.

I read an article in my mum's women's weekly this month about a photographer named Helmut Newton who was a high fashion photographer up until his death last year at the age of 83. He crashed his car into a wall after suffering a heart attack but he had the most extraordinary career and had photographed such celebrities as Nicole Kidman, Mick Jagger, Courtney Love, Michael Hutchence, Liz Taylor and Julia Roberts. During his time he was considered the master of photographic provocation and took photographs for many high fashion magazines, including Vogue. Actually, when he crashed his car he was returning home from a 'Vogue' photo shoot of a girl in a gold bikini laying on a bed of nails. I think it's so amazing that if you love your career enough, even at the ripe old age of 83, you can still be professionaly the master of your game. I've always had an interest in photography, and especially magazine photography. Have a look at afew of the sites I found with some of his work on them.

IonOne Art

ocaiw.com This one has heaps of links.

Friday, March 26, 2004


Not much...

Not much has really been happening today. I went to class this morning. Yeh, that's about all. I'm going home this weekend which will be good. Hopefully no distractions so I can get lots of work done.

My cousin from Sydney is coming home for the weekend so it will be good to catch up with her. She lives in Surry Hills where there's this really cool little place called the Vesbar Cafe which has a whole heap of Vespa's lined up along the front and inside the cafe as well. I've always wanted one of those.

My friend who left is coming up next weekend!!! Can't wait!!!

I'm glad I'm getting all this html stuff sorted. Hopefully soon I can get a less disturbing colour scheme going on here.

Here are some sites that I like

Kath and Kim Funniest show ever!!!

Frida Kahlo She is one of my favorite artists. I saw the movie too last year which was good.

Lucky Magazine This is a funny magazine that they give away for free in shops in Sydney.

Bored.com Just heaps of links to sites on the net if you're looking for abit of bludge time, as you do. One of my faves is Make your own garage band

Thursday, March 25, 2004


I HATE HTML!!! I've been here at my computer for nearly 3 hours mucking aroung with this blog and making changes that look like crap anyway!!! It feels like a waste of precious time to sit here for that length of time and have nothing to show by the end of it when there's sooooo many other things I could be doing!


Another Busy Day...

Well today was pretty busy. I went over to uni at ten this morning for a 2 hour lecture and came back and mucked around with html and stuff which was rather frustrating as it wasn't working in blogger but it was working in other things.

Lastnight I headed town to the tavern here at the uni with a few friends from here (yeh, i really got heaps of work done...). It was good to get out and I managed to catch up with afew people I haven't seen for ages. After class today I went down to the uni bar with some of my course friends and we all just sat around and had some food and a chat which doesn't happen alot anymore cuz everyone's getting pretty busy with uni and other stuff. I havn't had alot of time to just sit around and catch up with people lately.

Anyone who is from Sydney or ever in Sydney must get down to the Italian Forum at Leichhardt which is one of my favorite places in the whole entire city. It's just off Paramatta Road in Norton Street and it's so different when you walk in off the busy street into the relaxed atmosphere. There's two levels. The bottom level has some of the best Italian restaurants in the city and the top level has some groovy cafes and lots of designer fashion shops. A shop really worth checking out is the Merchant of Venice which has some of the most amazing and intricate masquerade ball masks I've ever seen. Also just up Norton street from the forum is Bar Baba which is one of the best cafe's I've ever been to. My uncle introduced me to Leichhardt afew years ago and now whenever I'm in Sydney I always go out there for a gelati and a coffee.

Inside the forum. All the windows above are actually apartments where people live!

Well that's about all from me today. Hopefully I'll get all this html stuff worked out so I can make this blog look abit more interesting...


Wednesday, March 24, 2004


Just Chillin'...

Hey all you people out in blogland! I'm posting twice today for some reason but I think i'm just putting off doing my readings for class tomorrow. I added a counter to this thing today as one of the things we had to do and it's occurred to me that people are actually reading this thing! How exciting! I even had a hit from Malaysia and Brazil!

Not much occurred today after class. Just a whole heap of slacking around and trying not to do my work. I did get some stuff done though but not as much as I would have liked. I found myself wandering around the building alot and ended up watching some of American Pie 2 with some first years and then throwing a frisbie around. Since when did that become cool again???. Anyways, people are probably getting sick of my procrastination stories so I'd better go and get some reading done.


Over it...

Well I'm very much over this whole blogging thing. I don't think anyone in our class is completely sure what to do and it's due in 2 weeks along with 3 other assessment tasks so i can feel afew busy weeks ahead. We do have holidays in afew weeks but it won't be much of a break with work at the supermarket along with afew assignments to be done that are due in the first week back.

I'm in class at the moment. We started at 9 so I had to set my alarm for 7 this morning but after a good cup of coffee and a good old chat with a freind in the kitchen I was ready for the day. The annual grapho's Pub Crawl is on tonight but I don't think I'll make it as i can hardly afford the time or the money as I havn't been working for afew weeks.

Don't you just love the Simpsons

Tuesday, March 23, 2004



The word of the day is procrastination. Today, after getting back from class I had the most honorable intentions of getting all my readings done for my tutorial tomorrow afternoon, however, I found myself aimlessly floating around my building chatting to whoever I could and watching the occasional game of pool in the lounge room. Whenever I did get down to some work the random people who came to my door wanting to chat, look at photos, etc didn't help the cause. However I did get a considerable amount of work done on one assignment but not much reading done, leaving it all to be done in a rush tomorrow. I don't see how It's really relevant to our course anyway as it's on the begining of the radio industry but it's just one of those things that have to be done.

I'm listening to the waifs at the moment.

Ah well, I'm going to stop procratinating and go to bed.

Monday, March 22, 2004


Not much time...

I'm abit busy at the moment so I don't have alot of time for this cuz i've got an assignment due tomorrow that I need to finish and this is the last thing I feel like doing right now but there's only afew more weeks of it left so it will be a relief when it's over.

The karaoke night was heaps of fun. I had the chance to have a chat with alot of the new people that I live with that I havn't really had time to properly meet yet. Nights like that are always good for that. I think I managed to get some work experience here at one of the graphic design places so I'm looking forward to that to see if this is what I really want to do.

I heard Pete Murray's new album on the weekend. With so many manufacturred Britneys in the music inddustry it's good to have some real music in the charts, and Aussie too! Highly reccomended.

Well I've got heaps to do and not long to do it so i'd better go. cya.

Friday, March 19, 2004


Under Control

Well I think I'm finally getting this html thing sorted but it's still pretty hard and when something works the first time I try it I think I'll just about do a backflip. I've got an assignment due on tuesday but I'm pretty organised i think so I should be fine.

Had to make a trip into town thisafternoon for afew things on the bus again. There's only one seat at the bus stop and there was this girl sitting on it with her shopping bags spread all over it, leaving not much space for the four other people waiting there. I think my hands were just about to drop off from holding my heavy shopping bags. Us people without cars do it tough! Well we have our karaoke night tonight so i'm off to get ready! Have fun!

Thursday, March 18, 2004



Hello all and welcome to my very own new look blog! I've been playing around and experimenting with html and I've managed to create a table! I'm excited anyway. Html is just one of those things that you really need to play and experiment with until you get it right and it can become VERY frustrating! For any html enthusiasts there's a good site here with heaps of good tags and for all your colours go here. It's all been driving me abit nuts and it took me ages just to get to this. As I mentioned before this whole blog thing is an assignment for one of my uni subjects as an introduction to web design. If this is just the introduction I hate to think what the rest of it will be like! It's all so time consuming and I haven't done any work tonight except for this subject! I hate to think what my internet bill is going to be this month!

Well what did I get up to today? Just going over to the uni for classes doing whatever work I could in my spare time! Uni life can be abit draining at times. It's important to be able to have a break every now and then so I ended up watching The Simple Life in the t.v room with one of the first years. I also ended up attempting to help afew aggies with their maths homework. I was so hopeless! I think a year of uni has numbed my brain. By the way I did the iq test lastnight and got 132! I think there had to be a mistake there! Well that's about all I've been doing. Tomorrow night is my uni accomodation's annual karaoke night! Can't wait. It's always awesome!!!

If you're looking for some time wasters...

Which Bunny Are You? A game which exposes your true personality.

Farting Dogs One of the damn funniest sites I've seen in ages.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004


not slack, just busy

Well, I'm back. Sorry I've sort of missed the last two days but it's not cuz I'm being slack, just busy with assignments and work and things that I haven't had heaps of time to sit down and do this but I just got back from class and sat down with a cup of coffee and a date scone from baker's delight so I'm going to fill you in.

Yesterday I went over to class where everyone sat around on their computers and worked on a corporate identity assignment where we have to do a whole identity for an art gellery. It's not a bad assignment. It's heaps of fun sitting around with the people in my course cuz everyone's just really good friends and gets along really well, not like high school where everyone has their groups. Uni is way cooler.

I came home after class and attempted to get some work done. My effort wasn't too bad but somehow I ended up watching Oprah in the t.v room with a first year where they were talking about how in American high schools with the girls who want to be 'popular' they have all these initiation ceromonies called 'hazing' where the big girls beat up the younger girls and throw things at them, make them drink alcohol and even sometimes force them to drink chemical products! They do it on weekends at secret locations so the school isn't able to stop them and all the people from the school go out to watch. They had some secret video footage it and it was barbaric. I couldn't believe that people would subject themselves to that just to be labelled popular??? High school seems centered around popularity but I was never really one of the popular kids at school but never wanted to be cuz I thought they were just a big bunch of wankers. I always think for myslef and no one can force me into anything I don't want to do. Ok, I'm starting to sound abit like oprah now.

Here is some of the music I'm listening to now...

Kylie. I really like her new album, 'Body Language'. It has a more mature and urban feel to it than some of her previous stuff. My fave tracks are 'Slow', 'Secret', 'Red Blooded Woman', 'Chocolate' and 'After Dark'.

Black Eyed Peas. Whoa. This album is serioulsy funky stuff. I was never really into the peas before 'Elephunk' but I've been converted. My faves are 'Smells Like Funk', 'Latin Girls', 'Sexy' and 'Fly Away'.

Shannon Noll. I know I said I didn't like country but 'That's What I'm Talkin' About' is more like pop with a country twist. The runner up of Australian Idol 'condo' boy has released a kick-ass album! Way better than Guy Sebastian. Can't really pick faves as they're all good. Goes off like a frog in a sock!!!

Monday, March 15, 2004


looking up!

Me again! The weekend was awesome! After the bush dance which wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, we hit the new niteclub that's opened up here. It was so big and there were heaps of people I knew there and we partied until the early hours of Sunday morning. That means Sunday consisted of catching up to myself, however I did go out for lunch with my friend that left last week who came up for the day.

Getting work experience is looking up as well. I talked to someone on the phone today at a new place that's opened up here and they seemed pretty keen and also one of the printers who are meant to be really good. I also wanted to try to get some in Albury cuz I don't think it would be a bad place to live but I also wanted to get some experience up in Sydney and down in Melbourne too as that is where i'll probably end up. I have a cousin that works at a magazine at acp in Sydney that said she would be able to get me some work there with the creative team for a week so that could come in handy too. It's all about getting your name out there really and showing some places what you can do so you have one foot in the door already when you get out of uni and into the real world.

I was talking to a Graphic Designer here today that said she worked in Sydney for a while but came back for her boyfriend and was working at one of the printers. She said that design in the city was fun but very full on. She also said that Sydney was saturated with Graphic Designers at the moment and to get a job you need to be really good at it. For any graphoes or people thinking about it there's lots of useful information on the agda website.

Heard something on the news this morning about Polish Nun who is facing 2 years jail for getting drunk and driving a tractor into a parked car. How funny! Here's a link to the article smh link

Saturday, March 13, 2004



Well I havn't got long for this blog but I'm briefly going to fill you in on the happenings of my weekend so far, not that much has happened but I want to try to post in this thing every day so here goes...

I came home from uni for the weekend. Lastnight we took my Nan out to the Pizza and Pasta place where my sister works cuz today is her 86th birthday! Man, I hope I make it to that. That's a pretty good effort. I had lunch with her today after work and she was telling me about this little town about half an hour from my house and how it was a thriving little town back in the early half of the century and now it's practically a ghost town. All that's left operating is the pub and I wonder how much longer that will be going for. It seemed that back then it was the closest place for all the farmers to go to do the shopping but when cars were introduced everyone started going to the bigger towns and it just sort of died and most of the buildings came down, even the church she was married in. You would never guess it was a thriving centre by looking at it today. I think it's kind of sad.

I have to attend a bush dance tonight. What a drag but hopefully afterwards we'll hit one of the pubs or clubs. I havn't been out for ages! I'm going mad!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2004


missing a friend :(

Me again. Today was all over the place. I'm still getting used to the fact that my friend has gone away but she's coming up on Sunday to see everyone and I've had a few texts, an email and a phonecall so I would definately say we'll keep in touch! It's just sad getting used to the fact that she's not gonna be around all the time now like i'm used to. I had a chat about it with some of my other friends in my course so that helped to get it all out but there's quite afew sad people in my building at the moment.

In other news I've been mucking around with html today so watch this space for some cool groovy new gadgets. For anyone else interested in using html there's a good site here with heaps of cool things and some other links on it that you can muck around with.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004


Worst Day Ever :(

Hey. Me again. Today was possibly one of the worst days I've had here at uni. One of the girls I live with, who has become one of my best friends while I've been here at uni, announced at dinner that she was leaving and going back home to study. It was such a sudden decision and a shock to all her friends here but she's not too far away and i'm sure she'll be back alot. She left pretty much after she announced it but she's coming back on Sunday to say proper goodbyes to everyone. The whole thing was so surreal and seems like one of those moments where you wake up and it was all a dream but it'll just be strange getting used to not having her around all the time.

I've just added afew links here that I found today surfing the net that you might find interesting

Mondo Thingo A funny show on the abc with Amanda Kellar which is a good look and often a critique of popular culture.

Opinion.com.au Just a site with heaps of polls you can take. It's surprising how long it can keep you amused for and how addictive it can be.

Texas Family Photos This one always makes me laugh. Sorry if anyone reading this is from texas.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

| Well today was another relatively uneventful day. I had class at ten this morning which wasn't too bad. I've got a nine o'clock start tomorrow morning though. Nine o'clock starts are killers but I suppose when we're working it'll be that every day. One of my friends who finished uni last year is in Sydney and leaves for work at 6 every morning!!!
After I got back from class I went grocery shopping which is always fun, especially when you have to catch the bus and carry all the grocerys with you. I copped a load of abuse from the bus driver last week cuz I had to pay with a $20 note because I had the correct change in my hand but as the bus was pulling up it dropped into one of my shopping bags and I couldn't find it. Anyways, I got on the bus and gave him the 20 and he was all like 'Fair go on the bus drivers, do you want us to put the price up?' and I was like 'hey, it's not my fault your life turned out like this'.
Heaps of people in my class have got ipods now. They're so cool and I want one!!! Maybe one day!!!
Anyways, I'm procrastinating again so i'd better go and do some work. (Still putting off those wonderfully exciting readings on the film industry) cya later.

Monday, March 08, 2004

| Why is it that whenever there's something that we have to really get done, we do everything we can in order not to do just that. My day today consisted of dragging myself out of bed at 7 in order to be ready for a 9 o'clock lecture in which our lecturer just showed us tonnes of logos which he'dd ripped out of the paper and gave a personal analysis of each one. Then I went down to the uni bar and sat around with some of the people in my course for a while which was good to catch up. I walked home with the intention of getting heaps of work done which resulted in 10% work and 90% pure procrastination which involved anything form trips to the kitchen, watching t.v, eating, surfing the net or sleeping. What I was meant to be doing was reading a chapter out of a book on the development of the film industry. What fun. All in all I did get most of the chapter read, leaving three readings all to be done tomorrow before my class. My day ended by watching Sex and the City with a hard arse aggie sitting in the room whinging the whole time. Seriously, I don't know why he bothered sitting it out because he whinged through the whole thing though I suspect he was just challenging me as to who could sit it out in front of the tv the longest. Anyways, as soon as it was over he asked me to 'hand him the remote'. I couldn't believe it. Anyways, i'm going to stop ranting and go to bed.

Sunday, March 07, 2004

| Well today is Sunday, the end of the weekend unfortunately. I didn't really do alot. I layed around on saturday morning and did abit of work and watched afew videos of shows i've taped the last few weeks cuz i haven't been able to watch them. I also worked in the afternoon at the supermarket where I work most weekends when I come home from uni. It's so good to be at home and just chill and get some descent food. The last two weeks in which i've been back at uni getting back into a routine have been so draining that i've been feeling abit sick and haven't been able to think straight and a little detatched from it all but i think i'm getting back into it now. Well I'm back at uni now (sunday) and i'm sure i have a busy week ahead as we have an assignment due which i've started again because I didn't like the old one. Umm... what else happened on the weekend??? Not alot really. Keep you posted on what I get up to during the week, hopefully something exciting will happen so i'll have something to write about. cya.

Friday, March 05, 2004

| Well this is my first ever post on a blog. I've never attempted anything like this before but we have to do it for an assignment in web authoring so here goes. My name is Ben and i'm a 19 year old graphic design student. I don't really know what to write so i'll just tell you abit about me. I love all types of music, except for country, My pick at the moment is the Black Eyed Peas new album 'Elephunk' which I've got on at the moment. Some of my friends saw them at the big day out and said they were awesome! I like heaps of different foods, especially Indian or Thai. My favourite dish is butter chicken which I like to cook up for myself here at uni. It's just a paste out of a jar but it's good stuff. I also like hanging out with my friends and all the people in my course, especially at the uni bar here. I really love the course that i'm doing. The people in it are awesome and I can't wait to get out there into the world and show them what I can do. I get to do work experience later this year which will be fun. Finding somewhere that will take you is the hard part though.
Well that's about all I can think of at the moment. For the next six weeks or so i'll be keeping everyone posted on the stuff i get up to or anything interesting or any amusing weblinks.

Here's the link to my page on the subject forum for this class.

mpi104 forum


triple j
Black Eyed Peas

channel [v]
Mondo Thingo
Kath and Kim
Sex and the City
the Simpsons

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Farting Dogs
iq test
Avant Card

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mpi home

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